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Full lengthWere the World Mine is available to download here for free. Also, with highest quality, good speed and genuine safety.  The World Mine” is a rare film in that it starts off awkwardly with all its flaws fully exposed as it struggles to bring forth the ingenuity of its risk taking demeanour, as opposed to starting off with composure and fading away as the gimmicks wear thin. Once it grabs hold of the challenges it faces, all inhibition is tossed aside as it soars to heights one wouldn’t expect from a gay-themed, but universally poised, independent musical made on a budget of modest proportions. Ambition and talent go a long way and this spirited reworking of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” is alandmark for gay cinema.

Set in an archetypical private high school comprised of only male students, a breeding ground for intolerance, Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is an openly gay outcast who is used to being in spotlight. Just for all the wrong reasons. Around the same time as Timothy develops a secret affection for the only student in his gym class that doesn’t harass him, Jonathan (Nathaniel David Becker), his aerated drama teacher (Wendy Robie) urges all students in her class to make their contribution in her upcoming production of the aforementioned play by The Bard. The road to true love has never been more tempestuous.

Were the World Mine Home - Were the World MineTim’s vocal talent sees him cast as the mischievous sprite Puck whose love-potion has the power to make the saying “love at first sight” take on a far less sappy meaning. Taking a page out of his immortal character’s book, Timothy manipulates the recipe to formulate a concoction of his own which he naively abuses, sending the entire town into an out-of-the-closet frenzy and Jonathon straight into his arms. .

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